Feedback on my game design

I am attempting to recreate:
The issue is that I know my game design needs improvement, but I don’t know what to improve.
I have tried changing the lighting and doing the exact buildings added in higher poly.
*In the screenshots it only showed nighttime because there is a day and night cycle, it was just by chance that it was nighttime


this is really cool what do you do in the game??

In the game there are these fruits that you have to find give you powers and you have to defeat bosses and get stronger, you can also train combat if you can’t find the fruits and you get powers from combat as you get stronger.

oooooohh cool i love it i like the design of terrain and blocks nice job

Thank you dodosnicker, I appreciate your comment a lot!

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np!!! any time!!!

I love it! My favorite is the 3rd photo, it gives me a calm feel, the colors are amazing and it’s very simple and just looks amazing. Keep up the great work!

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I think the skull’s lower half looks a little off.
Hope this helped

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a one piece game :smiley: nice map but it seems a bit too big and empty