Feedback on my game Elemental

First, here is my game.
The game is a combination of two elements that I love: puzzles and PVP combat.
You will see an interface quite similar to Blox fruits. Rub! I got into game design while playing Blox fruits, so I decided to do something to keep this in mind.

How to play?

  • You have a big goal: puzzle or fight.
  • Combat: I don’t team up or create mods, I want people to fight more flexibly with each other.
  • Puzzles: you will need to collect many clues and figure out how to get the desired element. You will start with a random element.

What’s so special about the game?

  • Complex fighting style, many techniques, and combinations.
  • The interaction between the elements with each other, is dependent on my thinking. For example, the light will be darkened and the damage will be reduced when encountering darkness.
    ps: Game’s still simple, but everything will be updated soon.