Feedback on my game, Handball 2

Hello developers, I am looking for some feedback for my game, Handball 2. I’ve been working on this game for a long time now, and it has grown significantly over the past month. The game is unique and I believe has potential in the sports genre; thus, I wanted to get some feedback on my game to see if there’s anything I could improve.

Thank you!

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Awesome game, I’ve never played Handball before but the tutorial was so easy and the gameplay was so intuitive that now I feel like a pro. One bug was that in-between rounds during the intermission GUI would stack over each other and make the text unintelligible.

Also an option to rebind keys (maybe only for shift and dive) would be nice because in my opinion I much prefer shift to sprint.


Thank you!!! I’ll work on that GUI bug, and I’ll consider adding custom binds in the future.