Feedback on my Game Icon & Thumbnails

Hello there ! I’ve been working on some thumbnails for my obby game , ‘ObbyVerse!’ as well as a game icon . I’d like to have some feedback on the icon and thumbnails and especially if you would click the game icon if you would see it ! Now , these ain’t extremely special , they are just some simple thumbnails with some text on and edited a little here and there .Anyways , Here they are :

Game Icon :


Thumbnails :

Thumbnail one :

Thumbnail two :

Thumbnail three :

Thank you for your time !

Cool! This is awesome.However, I don’t feel like the font matches. Good work anyways! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I thought about the font ! You are talking about the thumbnails right ? Or the icon , or both ?

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Thumbnail three, but good work on these :slight_smile:

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Oh right ! Thank you ! Yeah I think Ima make all thumbnails with the text font as the icon has !

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