Feedback on my Game Icon

I have recently released my new game (Rob the Bank! OBBY - Roblox)
And I made a Game Icon for it and wondered if I could get some feedback and how to improve it.
I want to advertise it some time soon and want to make sure it is being clicked on.

It is a obby game.

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It really depends on what you are going for. It could definitely be done better in some ways. If you plan to advertise though, you should be focusing on the ad and thumbnails. If you are sponsoring, then you should focus on the icon. It is best to have all of them though.

“bank” isn’t capitalized when it should.

The text font doesn’t really stand out much to me, and the border color could be changed to make it pop out more. It does blend in with the background, but I think that is more bad than good in this case.

The money bags and money look like 2d images, which would look much better if it were 3d.

Keep in mind that this icon is pretty good right now, just could be improved in these ways. I wish you luck with your game!

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The game icon looks decent, but it reminds me of something you’d see in 2014.

What do you think? I switch the colors up a bit, to make them “pop”. Although I dont know if green goes so well with red. Do you maybe have a Idea for a Color-Combination.

In my opinion contrast looks pretty good between the two colors. For the stroke on the title I would suggest maybe changing the stroke color. That might look a bit better it might not. Honestly, I would just say to keep messing around with it and keep testing till you find a good balance.

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It’s not bad, but at the same time it’s not that good to be honest. I think you should try using a different font cause’ the one you’re using doesn’t really fit in, and it just makes the icon look nothing but dry. I feel like you should put more effort into future game icons, especially since first impressions really matter.



Hey! I love your idea and icon! However, in the icon, why do I single out a minus that may be at the stage of advertising. If your obbi-style game has a task for the players to escape from the bank, but judging by the icon of your game, the player must rob it. I recommend adding something in the form of obstacles: for example, police cars so that the player understands that he needs to run.

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The orange original version looked amazing, but the text could use maybe a black outline instead of orange. And like I said earlier, the cash and cash bags could look better as a 3d looking image.

The updated version looks alright, if your going to add information so players would check it out. I would instead paint the small details such as the money bag and money to their exact color so the red background doesn’t take over take design of your icon.

Perhaps add a bank in the background or the character robbing one, so it will give players a better idea on what your game is about. You could even add many types of ideas within the image cops chasing the robber ect. Consider experimenting with different settings and see what suits your liking.

Otherwise it isn’t bad, however there are a few issues that could improve the icon.