Feedback on my game icon

I’m working on a game with a small team of people called Napoleon’s Campers. I made a game icon for it and will soon start making better thumbnails (I might edit this post with the new thumbnails). I would love some feedback on the icon and what I could do to improve it.

I appreciate it! Thanks!

EDIT: This is what I made out of all the replies from below

  • Remove the updates thing
  • Better font
  • More background

Thanks to everybody for all this great feedback!

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I think it’s a solid icon that shows off the game but the “update” part kind of ruins it in my opinion.

i don’t know if putting “Update” on your icon gets you more players but i would remove it and keep the icon clean if were you


It shows what the game is about, the only thing i have to say about it is that it looks simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

If it had more decoration or something in the background would be better, bur great job, it looks good.


Great idea, I’ve been considering getting rid of that.
Thanks for the feedback!

The horizon is very bland, and it still looks like a baseplate. Add something on the horizon like trees, or a city.

great work dude ! i love the icon alot but the update patch’s background colour doesnt go good with the grass and water background in my openion . great job though :slight_smile:

It is a good icon I made something it’s terrible but just an example, make the text more bold… or use a different font

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It is a good icon that shows the game and I’m guessing some of the weapons in the game, which I like. It is a good, basic icon, but I think you should remove the Update thing at the bottom right, add maybe more trees, lighting features, and details.

Besides that, it is a pretty solid icon!

It doesn’t look very appealing. I would suggest creating a background that has more objects and more complex scenery, it kind of looks like a baseplate. Also, change the font and also make the “update” better. Maybe change it to yellow or blue and also add some detail such as a cut in the lower part of the ‘rectangle’ or make it a bit deformed. I would suggest looking for inspiration on Pinterest.

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Your builds need volume and more detail. I recommend using slopes on top of that grass to make some cool mountains, But if you really want to make it look good. Just learn how to make little mountains from blender. You’ll also learn how to make trees and etc

Hm, the icon is a bit empty and the font isnt my favourite too. And the update part is really awful :D. Choose a better and not so empty background and make the font more catchy and bigger!
No hate

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