Feedback on my game Icons!

Hi! I have made two different Icons for my game, but I don’t know which icon to choose!
Can you give me you feedback on both icons and tell me witch one you think I should use! Thanks!

Icon One:

Icon Two:

Without knowing anything about your game, I’d choose icon 1 because the art style of the background fits better with the text font.

Extra details

I think both of the icons need work though. The name of the second image suggests that the two icons were made with DALL-E, and AI art is often prone to outlining things inconsistently or leaving out essential details. Regardless, though, I think they will need some polishing before they’re ready for use in a game.

  • If you choose icon 1, I’d change the sun from green to yellow and add a top to the green hill on the far left. You may also want to make the outline thickness on all of the mountains a bit more consistent.
  • If you choose icon 2, I’d start by changing to font to something that looks more pixellated since it will blend better with the background. I also notice that some of the pixels in the mountain background are curved or mushed together; you might have to retrace this image using a consistent pixel resolution.