Feedback on my game idea

(Sorry if this is in the wrong category. First post!)

I’m not sure if this game will be fun or even have enough content.

Here’s the idea:
A tycoon game where you grow crops and use lemons, water, and sugar to create lemonade. You sell your lemonade to customers and you can trade your crops for special items/boosts. Later in the game you will be able to automate your stand, with conveyor belts, pipes, sensors, and more. This game would have a building system similar to Theme Park Tycoon 2 and Welcome to Bloxburg.

Any constructive feedback is appreciated!


Dont worry this is the right category.

The game ideas sounds alright, if i’m gonna to be completely honest. And before you take this as negative feedback let me just explain why I feel this way.

You say that players will be able to trade crops for special items, why do players want special items/boosts, what will trading the crops actually do for the players experience?

What will make players want to come back and play your game? Is it because they get to make lemonade? I can make lemonade in my kitchen, it’s not the most exciting activity

Do you think making lemonade and getting special boosts will keep your players inside your game for a good duration of time?

It’s not what you do in a game that makes it fun, its how you do it.

Making lemonade might not be the most fun activity but that gives you more room to create mechanics and gameplay aspects that will make it fun

This is not a bad idea but you need to establish a solid foundation of good and fun mechanics when making the lemonade, get creative, think outside the realm of just making lemonade

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I thought that the sort of building and upgrading your stand would keep them playing. Relying pretty heavily on the player actually liking the automation aspect of the game.

It sounds good, but I think it needs more originality than other tycoon games. I like the idea for the most part, but it needs some more. Think of restaurant tycoon. It was an idea done before, but they implemented it the most, with interactive and engaging ways to do the jobs, and eventually you can hire workers to do things for you. Before you begin making the game, you should try to make the most engaging way to create lemonade and make money off it. Overall, the game idea for me is a

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Other games having building and upgrading what differentiates your game from others games that do that very same thing?

@LucensCat Thats why how you do something is more important then what your doing

For example lets say there are two games, they are both survival games.

When you craft something in one of the games the item automatically spawns in your inventory
In the second game, your player start playnig an animation, inside the inventory UI you can see a bar slowly increasing in size, and then finally the item is created and a poof of smoke emits and a sound plays

You see how both of the same type of game do the same action differently?
I would much rather play game #2 then game #1

I have to agree with this quote right here. The building mechanic should be very different from others. Try to possibly mix the building mechanics of Theme Park Tycoon 2 and Restaurant Tycoon, which have very different systems, but if you think about it, they would have a very good mix. You just need to fully think through every mechanic and how to differentiate and make it better than other games, especially considering there are probably thousands of other tycoon games. I hope you do well on your development, but think everything through before you begin. Learned that the hard way.


The one other thing is that he doesnt really need to differentiate the mechanics beyond proportion, he just has to give the player an experience that other games with the same mechanic dont offer

Thats the basic fundamental reason why some games just get boring because the mechanic isnt as profound as it is when we first starting playing the game


It’s a generic tycoon with a building system.
Building system is unnecessary, the game idea is a working monetization model tested by millions of developers, so just try not to make it too bad, prepare a few hundred of thousands of robux for advertisements, you’ll be able to profit.

If it wasn’t for profiting, I wouldn’t believe that your dream is a lemonade tycoon.

I don’t have to wish you success, a tycoon is surely profitable if it’s decent and well advertised but definitely going to fail if it’s just like the other bad ones. Keep in mind there’s over 20,000 tycoons on roblox, and more and more incoming.

What do you mean? I’m sorry if I didn’t make this clear in the original post, but building is 90% of the game.

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Look, in bloxburg, there’s building, lemonade, drink stands, farms. Everything that you’ve thought of.
If you want to make a farm building game, then the complicity isn’t the same as a tycoon anymore. If it’s a farm building game with the quality like Islands, bad idea. Too complicated for solo project.
Just focus on making a decent tycoon