Feedback on my game! Lemme know where to improve!

Yoo I’m a beginner dev (not using this as an excuse) and I just wanted to know if y’all could give me some feedback on how my obby’s coming. I know it ain’t the best out there and I know I can’t please everybody but I’m proud of how I’ve been doing! I updated a lot of things earlier like adding in lucky blocks, better speed pads and updated paths for winners, a better-looking shop gui and a little-more detailed progress bar. Also I made sure to size the gui down because I didn’t know it would be so BIG on pc LOL! I don’t really know how to polish and animate the gui so expect “basic” things! Also how do I polish the obby itself, like do i add a bunch of decorations here and there? I figured that it would be laggy to add so many decorations everywhere so i only added spongebob themed decoration near the final few stages! If you decide to check it out, enjoy yourself and leave a like if you enjoyed! And I take constructive criticism on the chin! :sunglasses: :100: