Feedback on my game map

Hello guys, it’s been awhile since my last post.

I’ve been making a map along with my friend.
The map is based on the real-life location in Chongqing, a clocktower situated near the illustrious Yangtze river.
The map isn’t fully complete and there are areas in which I need to continue.
I am making this map for a Cooperative PvE game called “Humanity’s Last Stand”.

(I will be posting more images as I continue my progress.)

If any of you are builders out there, feel free to give some feedback and tell my what I did well/didn’t do well. Thanks!

Here’s an image comparison:


UPDATED ( As of 18/4/2022)




  • Began constructing the temple (by far the hardest to build)
  • Added the more residential buildings in the area
  • Increased Fog Density to realistic levels (It can get this foggier than this in that region)
  • Updated the clocktower’s details


  • Updated Lamp Posts to be smoother and less angular in design.



Real life:

Real life:


to be honset with you… it looks nothing like the real image the clock tower specially


well it’s not really done yet, i’ll probably make some adjustments in future to resemble it slightly more

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Not gonna lie, It’s really cool

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I’ve made some updates to the map, mostly the surrounding scenery.

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That is really cool!
The detail on the base is amazing, and I think it will look even more realistic once the clock part of the tower is complete.
As well, the surrounding skyscrapers are very nice, if possible try make them a bit higher, as I feel like the clock tower almost stands down upon them.

Overall great work, and I will hopefully check back once you have completed more. :+1:

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I think you should add some trees and more nature surrounding the tower and the surrounding area itself, just like it is in the irl picture.
Also, you really need to add more depth to the tower itself, because it just looks blank and strange. And as it is a clock tower, it’d be nice of you do add a clock.

Well, about the “roof”, it’s honestly just really bad. First of all, you can see the small windows between the roof and the clock, well you didn’t add it, which resulted in “failed” structure recreation and the depth not being visible.
Your creation doesn’t really match what is in the real life. Well, there is no space for the mentioned windows, and the roof itself looks strange. Also, please add the “antenna” thingy.

I understand that this is WIP, but maybe it’s a better idea to firstly finish your project (which in this case, isn’t really long time-taking to split it to parts). The bottom of the tower honestly looks amazing and the area itself is really cool aswell (but as mentioned above, add nature). The last suggestion to the tower is maybe change the color of bricks to be sort of more “gray-ish”.

Well, now a little bit about the scenery. It’s… understable, well you didn’t really mention to only rate the clock tower, so I’m going to rate the rest too.
As @OMBgamingYT mentioned, the background buildings don’t look really tall in comparasion to the tower.

The road feels a little blocky, and since you used the texture for the floor in the area surrounding the tower, you should use textures to the rest of the scenery too. Hopefully you add more details such as A LOT more buildings, because you can’t lie - there is quite a bunch of them irl. As well as some more details on the streets and sidewalks.

TL;DR - It’s pretty good, just needs quite a few changes.

Generally, it’s really good and I think you did a really good work!

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Thanks for your feedback!
Here’s an image of the clocktower now:

Oh and yeah, it’ll take quite awhile to complete considering that some buildings in that area have quite a sophisticated design in their windows:

Looks great now! Keep it up. (But please, add the antenna thingy because rn the roof looks empty.)

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Hey guys, it’s been awhile! I have made some updates to the map and some adjustments to the clocktower.