Feedback on my game Party

Hey there,
i made a roblox game and i want to ask you guys for some feedback its not done yet ill add scripts can you guys give some feeback about the buildings heres the link to play.


You can join the game?
Its better if the creator of the game joins, to explain or hear some feedback, because its better explain in the game some things

sorry i cant join rn whats ur question?

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So, when I enter in the game, I’m on the spawn (bruh this it’s obvious) and I see 1 part and 1 wedge(or part rotated) in grey, and this parts aren’t in union so if you rotate the camera in the spawn, you see this part… it’s appearing that is lagging and it’s only 2 parts in the “same” location, I recommend make it a Union

yep thats bit hard to explain add friend me ill accept u and chat u when im able to join so u can explain me

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And the game is really good, and it shows “only” a building, whats to make in this building (what u (and the others devs) go to make in this game)

its a music club where you can dance meet friends and hangout well add music and alot of stuff

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Nice, and good luck making it :smiley:

Hmmm Colorblind Tower of Hell… Now I’m in youtube, I can take more time to reply

lol u watched my video of tower of hell

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I had a look at the game, and I think it looks really good!

I like the use of colours and textures. It’s not too bright or overkill which I think is nice.

A few issues:

The game creators appear to be dismembered. I’m not sure if that’s intentional.

The star shaped spawn looks slightly odd, and the parts aren’t really lining up properly.

I can see a couple of parts are flickering. Mostly in the spawn area.

There’s also a dummy sticking halfway out of the floor, near the stage area.

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I think the game should have more interactive features and places to go to keep people playing the game. Think about this for a second, If you were a random player and you joined this game for the first time looked around and had nothing to do except dance and see just a big room.

Try and add seating areas, a leaderstat (Coins, exp, cash etc) and possibly a shop to go with it. Make it so people would want to come to the game to try their hardest to save up for a certain item and feel happy about them selves.