FeedBack on my game "Soccer Ball"


I just published my new soccer game. SOCCER BALL!!!
It’s a multiplayer soccer game with gameplay never seen on Roblox.
You can buy shoes, jerseys, balls and special shots.
You earn money for every action you do (pass, goal, volley, header, special shot, victory…).
3 maps with evolving music depending on the action.

I would like to know your impressions and feedback on the game.
Please report bugs.
Thank you also for liking to advance the visibility of the game.



from this image, i really dislike the fact you used multiple fonts and the white outline of the black text. Other than the fact that the things that i think are attributes images are incredibly streched. The ui itself is good enough

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Yooo, that’s cool i really want a game which is related to soccer which is one of my interesting hobbies, one thing i wanted to say is that, the font looks odd for me, there are so many types on fonts you can get it in the website if you can search it, and UI is good for me, i think you can use gradient colors if it fits for the UI, others are good.


Thank you for your advice. This made me think and I changed the interface to have card formats to collect. It’s much better indeed.