Feedback on my game {Soul of the Samurai}

This is just a demo of the game. Please excuse the mess we are still busy with the game this is just a slither of what’s coming. Game can be found here Soul of the Samurai - Roblox


The game looks great but I can’t use my katanas and you need to rework some some parts of the map.
I find this part a bit too blocky:

This guy is just hovering:
And most trees aren’t completely touching the ground. This one just floats:
But other than that…it actually looks really good.


Which current katana? And katana wasnt showing animations or doing dmg?

Both katanas were broken. No damage, no animation. Just tested it again and this time it worked…but only 20% of the time.


The game itself doesn’t work at all, but I really enjoy the map. So far it looks pretty cool. Keep it up!


Katanas doesnt work? It happens sometimes, try reset or rejoin.

If “sometimes” the katana doesn’t work, the players are going to get annoyed, since no one wants to keep resetting and rejoining. You should fix it.

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I am trying. I cant fix it while i won’t find error.