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Springwood, USA :us:

Hello developers!
I’ve recently completed the Testing Place for my game Springwood, USA. As you may already expect, I’d like to get some feedback on it. However I’d like you to know, that this place was only made to show the style and gameplay mechanics of the final game. There isn’t much of an actual gameplay right now, however I’d like to know if there are currently any bugs in the game.

Short description about Springwood:
Springwood, USA is an open-world sandbox-roleplay game where you can choose from various jobs and activities. It also offers a big range of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, boats and more! There is a lot of interactive missions and decorations around all of Springwood.

Check the game out here:
:roblox_light: Springwood, USA | Roblox

All types of feedback (including bug reports which will be really useful) is very appracticed!:happy2:


the bots do not move their bodies when they walk but since the game is very cool I think it lacks some details such as correct color neulina and other things



Thank you for the feedback! Could you please specify the “bots don’t move their bodies when they walk”? Like they don’t have any animation or what? Also, the lack of detail, are you talking about detail of the map? Or functions and lighting? This game is right now just a Testing Place, so it isn’t meant to be fully operational. It’s just made so people can see what the final game’s functions, gameplay and the overall style witll be like.

Also, the image (the last line) just says “[image]” and there is no actual image. Did you mean to put one there?


los robots no tienen animacion y si ademas le falta iluminacion :+1:


:uk: I will look for no-animation NPCs, tho they do have animations for me. And about the lighting, maybe just try to turn your graphics up? The game only starts to look pretty good at 6+ graphics.

:es: Buscaré NPC sin animación, aunque tienen animaciones para mí. Y sobre la iluminación, ¿tal vez solo intente mejorar sus gráficos? El juego solo comienza a verse bastante bien con más de 6 gráficos.


:us: I specialize in graphics.
If you want I can help you when I have time

:es: Me especializo en gráficos.
si quieres te puedo ayudar cuando tenga tiempo



No, thanks. I really don’t need help with graphics. I just designed them to look good on graphics settings 6/7+ and not lower. I do know that the game looks ugly on lower graphics settings. Could you please send a screenshot of Springwood with graphics settings you mostly play on?


Turn your graphics up to like 7/9 if you can. It will look better.
Also, didn’t even know, but the overhead nametag is broken! Thanks.

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But I use the graphics at the limit, how do I raise them to 6/7? Did you mean lower your graphics to 6/7?

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Oh. That may be depending on your graphics card then, not sure. But on max graphics, the game should actually look like this:

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Oh, my graphic target is excellent, only that the game is very opaque, that should be the problem, the photo you just sent me is the same as how I saw everything, so the graphic target has nothing to do with it, but if the memory processor, but I still have a very advanced one so that is not the problem is that the game has a very opaque lighting

Could you describe a little bit more what you mean by that the game is very “opaque”?

:paintbrush: it lacks correction color :paintbrush:

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