Feedback on my Game, Super Speed Race Simulator!

I have been working on my game Super Speed Race Simulator! It still needs testing and is far from advertising, and lots more changes and upgrades are needed, but for right now, what do you think?

One of my main questions is, what more can I add to my shop? I already have animations and trails, but I think that there should be more stuff.


You can hear music from other parts of the game while still at the menu. Also, how do you exit the shop? It wasn’t clear to me, as there was no X button. I didn’t know to click the shop button again. The UI really doesn’t feel right, but scripting and music are AWESOME!! When you race, and hit the join race button multiple times, the +25 steps UI pops up multiple times, and it gives you 25 steps once. Also, you should make it so that all other UIs close when another UI pops up (E.g. race voting).

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You just needed to click the shop button again. I will try to make that easier to recognize. Could you elaborate on hearing music from other parts in the game? And huh, I will look into the +25 issue, I have never encountered that before… Thanks for the feedback!

At the start menu, you can hear ‘3! 2! 1!’ from races, people collecting coins, that sort of stuff. And for the +25 issue, the UI pops up multiple times on clicking join race multiple times, but you don’t get +25 steps each time you click join race.

ok yes, people collecting coins, you are supposed to hear that, the 3, 2, 1 is something I will fix. But I think the problem with the 25 steps was it waits 5 seconds to disappear, so you might have been seeing that. I just tried it and it wasn’t doing it for me. But maybe there was something weird going on…

I got a headache from some of the noises, like the orb. The race system is what I like a lot, is because it has rolling objects and moving walls, requiring skill and not just speed to win. One thing I see simulators do a lot is that Speed always wins, I think you should give everyone t he same speed for the races, so it isnt just the best player on the server wins every time.

Good game though.

Do you not like the literal sound, or was it just too loud? Any other sounds?

Well I mean it is kinda the point… but I will take it into consideration…

Yes switch swap raceway is a great example of that, while really hard, it gives players a big chance

It was way too loud. (the orb noise)

Nice game. Starting with the positives, I like the wholesome icon. I’ve seen the concept before, but it’s kind of unique in it’s own little way.
Negatives. The lobby needs more jazz and design, the map I played was just straightforward with water, you could add platforms for people to parkour to the end or add orbs underwater/corners for that map. You should start off with a normal walking speed so players don’t feel unmotivated to play when starting. Some of the UI looks oddly placed, the shop has a larger bar than what’s needed and I don’t see the reasoning in having 2 small UI on different sides of the screen.

I didn’t find the orb sound particularly loud or annoying but roblox player is low for me and the orb sounded like what you’d expect. Currently, your game looks and feels bare. It also feels like I’m playing a walking/running simulator with a little bit more added to it.

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I like the overall look of the game. But the audio is too loud as multiple people stated. I also like the racing aspect of the game as well.

Ok I will fix that, was there any other sounds that were a problem?

Not really, at least I don’t think so.


The one you played was one of the ones that was more basic and easy for players and I kind of wanted it to be like that, but maps like switch swap race way and home town derby have a lot more things to it…

Well the larger bar is for the three other text buttons that appear there at different times… vote course, join race, and race results. I was thinking about moving the settings to a different spot maybe I just don’t know where… maybe inside the shop? Thanks for the feedback!


What didn’t feel right about the ui?

It didn’t really fit in, maybe use a different font and different colors? Also, some UI aspects didn’t seem to be positioned right.

Personally the game is ok, nothing that really catches my eye as anything special, though. The coding is fine but visually and gameplay wise it’s quite lacking. The UI colors are too saturated (it’s all neon, maybe try lightening them a bit?), the building style is a tad low quality. There’s next to no point in doing races considering they only offer 3 points if you manage to get 1st. Consider adding gear that can help you get more points as you play the game? I also don’t like the fact that you’re prompted to vote on a race unwillingly, and the outcome menu also pops up for everyone, especially when no one joined it. Instead, have these gui’s only pop up for the users in the race, aswell as the music. Other than that, it’s good considering the time spent on it (~3 weeks)!

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Excellent feedback! I will work on the things you said, though it was more than three weeks, I was using another place for a lot of the designing and such…

Good game, ill list the pros and cons.

Original maps
Interesting race tracks
Easy to get up to speed to be able to do races
Dev Products arent that pricey
Nice choice in music

Repetitive, stuck to one area
Basic speed sim game, seen it plenty of times
the building style is a big generic, could use a touch-up
Needs more race tracks, and new types of obstacles
Race tracks stay in the workspace, might not perform well on mobile
Gamepasses are way too expensive, nobody is going to drop $10 on a simple gamepass that just gives a 2x bonus.

All in all:
Good game, could use some work, but a nice start

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Where do you recommend them? So far I have seen it work fine for mobile but I have a high power one so maybe not. Great feedback!