Feedback on my game that I work on

Hello I’m a developer for this game called Squirrel game, and I need feedback about the teleport hub.

How to get there

  1. Walk there

  2. Touch it

  3. You will be teleported

Once you’re there, that’s the place I want feedback on.

link to game

Thank you so much!


Here’s a video of me playing the game:

I’m not too sure what specifically you want feedback on. The area/build looks fine. Overall, I was confused as to what to do. The cutscene was cool, but long. In fact, getting to that final point in the video took quite a while. I’m assuming that part of the game isn’t working yet. :person_shrugging:

Additionally, I’d say the UI could be updated or use a refresh. For something specific, the menu at 0:39 in the video isn’t centered. Same with the shop as shown at 2:35 in the video.

The “door” at 2:55 isn’t exactly a door, it’s a random block, so I’d change that.

Maybe the video overall can give you more insight to what to change, but yeah. Hope that helps.

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Did I forget to mention it’s not done. Thank you for your feedback!

It’s in the description of the game. I’d recommend making it easier to get to for better UX and retention. Some might leave after being confused/stuck.