Feedback on my game thumbnail

Greetings! I am here to ask you for your feedback! I am currently working on a horror game and I have (tried) to make some thumbnails for it! (Please only constructive criticism, as I want to make this look better.)

Thanks for any feedback!
(This is my first post so sorry if I did something wrong, If I did please tell me!)


Looks good.
However, I’d try a different model for the flashlight. Preferably larger as well.

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I messed up with the flashlight, Texture was gone so I had to improvise. But thank you for it ill try and fix it when I am able to!

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Looks Decent, although very one dimensional, like its a flat image, I would say some shadows are needed where need be, also some blurring on the person or the monster, as my eyes are confused as to what we want to focus on in the image, keep it up. :grin:

the smilers look cool maybe you should add a ripple texture to the water to make it stand out

Hello thanks for the feedback! I apologize for the late response but yes I will consider adding in some more/better shadows. I do have a question, do I blur around the monsters or just the entire monsters? (not a ton of blurring as till you can’t see it but enough to where it is the main view of focus)

Hello thanks for the feedback! I will consider adding in a sort of ripple texture to make the water more realistic and not so sloppy.

Hmm, It depends on what the focus of the image you want, if you want to focus on the monsters, blur the character vice versa! :))

looks good, but the water looks a bit like smoke and i feel like it’d be creepier if it were like the smilers were following you like how scepter does their thumbnails also it’s very bright behind him unlike in backroom images where it’s all really dark except for a flashlight (smilers glow so that’d be a good idea to have them be glowing behind him). looks cool, i’d play that game.


Hey thanks for the feedback! I do agree with how the water looks almost as if it was smoke, and I do like the idea of how they could be chasing the character through a hall. I might add a new thumbnail of that.

The thumbnail is very good but the flashlight is small

Can you give me the link to this game am want to play it bye.

It’s good, only thing is there is making it easier for the viewers to see what to focus on

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Hey thanks for the feedback! And yes I am going to fix it soon so I can improve.

The text is tiny and in the corner so try scale that up and make it stand out more so the player can remember the name

Hey thanks for the feedback! And yes ill be adding that in so thank you for the help!