Feedback on my game Tower of Challenge

I need feedback on my game Tower of Challenge, I’d like to know what I should fix/add. Also I want to know why I don’t have any concurrent players, so I need you to tell me what you like and dislike. Please be honest with your opinions! Game link: Tower of Challenge - Roblox


Hey! I just checked out your game and completed a few levels/stages. I’ve gathered a few pieces of advice on how you can improve the experience and quality of your game.

Things I Love

I enjoy how smooth it is, I didn’t get any lag, and I enjoy just smoothly completing stages and making your way higher.

I love the stats, leaderboards and seeing how other players perform. The Music is also pretty calming and a great way to enjoy just completing the abby-stages for long-periods of time.


The first thing I would do, is fix and improve the main HUD of the game, including all of the icons, UI’s and buttons on the screen. The current way yours appears, a bit sloppy and not very solid, clean and nice. Icons can be found on many places on the internet in which you can freely use within your game to make all the icons and ui’s appear better together.

Another thing I disliked, is how all of the icon’s take up space on the screen, and how it can look a little sloppy. I think that you can combine many of the icons/elements into one button, like a menu button that opens a list of things to do with one click, opposed to putting a bunch of icons on your screen.

Here is your game screen, which shows the layout of the buttons/UI’s

Here is TOH’s HUD, with the icons and layout of the screen

The lighting in-game also is very darkish, and I think if you removed shadows and turned up the brightness lighting settings in studio, you can make everything seem brighter and happier.

One feature I think could be added, is the ability to see how high you are compared to the top of the entire journey, like in TOH, on the right side, you can see how far you need to go in order to get to the top. This is an important feature for these types of games in my opinion, as I like to know when I’ll get to the top, it acts as some encouragement to stay and finish, rather than leave and give-up.

Things Outside of the in-game experience

I think the layout for these obby-game icons are nice, but PLEASE center the text.

I suggest making this the only thumbnail, the others are lower-quality and make it seem like it’s not a very good experience upon playing.


In general I liked your game, it has a good music and it looks entertaining but there are some things that I think you should change.
First of all I noticed that besides the chat there is the HD admin logo, in my opinion you should remove it and put another admin because some players may think you used free models on your game.

I also think that you should improve a lot the GUIs, they look too basic.


Thank you guys for the feedback! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


It’s not bad, I see a few free models at the base, and the Ui needs some more work. But good job, I like how it’s easy at the beginning, and slowly gets harder.


Does the ui look a bit cleaner?

Also I redid the Game Icon:


Purchesing is spelled wrong. In the second image, the UI looks the same. That was what I was talking about.


When you left your feedback it was after I made the update… thank you for showing that I spelled purchasing wrong

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After playing for a few minutes, I can clearly tell you plenty of reasons why your game doesn’t have any concurrent players. I will list them, and then I will list things that I think you could do to improve your game and that could possibly make it hold a somewhat consistent player base.


  • GUIs. The GUIs are sloppy, poorly made, and downright ugly. I’m sorry, but it had to be said. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but they also do not fit on screen for my mobile device properly and even block the jump button (iPhone 12 ProMax). Now, this is not a big deal and can be fixed or redone in about a day.

  • Overall gameplay. I am utterly disappointed with the fact that you call these towers a challenge. Now, I know this part may be pretty opinionated considering each person’s perception of a challenge may be very different, but I think we can agree that walking across a few circles or on the left side of a block instead of the right is not a challenge. I’d go so far as to say anyone with even the slightest bit of working motor function could beat all three of these towers with little to no challenge. Not only that, but the lobby seems cluttered, and the “vibe area” is completely unnecessary, and it’s not even interesting either; it’s a simple box with a decal and a few poor excuses for trees on each side.

  • Build quality. Now, I know I am not the best builder and am nowhere near that, but I can say with full confidence that yours are simply no better in any way. Some of your parts are unanchored, uncentered, and just poorly placed. It feels super rushed and put together at the last minute.

Overall, there are a lot of problems, which means a lot of progress needs to be made. I understand if this is potentially your first game, as we all have to start somewhere, but I am not here to just bash your game and not give you any tips on how to improve it.


  • GUI Improvements. The first and probably biggest problem with the GUI is that it doesn’t fit on all screen sizes. This is an easy fix, and I recommend you use the “AutoScale” plugin (see my reply under useful plugins for a link), as it does the job of making the GUIs the same scale for all devices automatically! Now that’s not the only problem; like I said before, they’re really ugly. There is no real fix to this since it’s very opinionated, but I recommend playing with borders, colors, backgrounds, images, and more considering a lot of your buttons are white and black, which makes them look basic and like you don’t care about the look of them.

  • Gameplay improvements. This section will first cover both gameplay and building improvements that I think would help your game both look and play better! Let’s start with what you need to flat-out remove: the vibe room absolutely needs to go. No negotiations. Are you creating an obby or a hangout game? Now let us move on to what simply needs reworked or redone, and I will warn you that there is a lot. What I think needs to be changed the most are the towers. Now, I am not sure if this was your intention, but I think each tower could have a difficulty like easy, medium, or hard because, right now, as I said before, even an above-average IQ dog could beat these towers with minimal difficulty. Not only that, but please, I beg of you, take your time and go through each level and put them together nice and neatly because at the moment they all feel kind of sloppy. Build-wise, I recommend you, for one, clear out the lobby and leave what is important (donations, the leaderboard, and some credits since you don’t need a statue for literally everyone). Not only that, but please, for the love of God, make it so you can’t see the void while walking between towers, and also please anchor everything because I saw some fallen pieces that obviously were not anchorced properly, and it just makes your game look very sloppy and rushed.

Overall, I recommend you clean up your builds and GUI and rework the actual obby part a little bit. What you have right now is a good start, but I definitely think you could do a lot better; in fact, I know that you can! I wish you the best and hope that you can take these recommendations seriously and improve your game as much as possible! I wish you luck, and I hope to see you gain some players as you start to work on this game some more. Keep on doing great!

PS: Sorry for the long read and any grammar mistakes!


After my friend had fallen asleep on the call, I decided to re-join the game and actually complete the towers. And I can confidently say that I was completely right. Even on my laptop, your GUIs seem a little funny; the blocks are horribly placed and super crooked (see image for example), and again, there is no real challenge. I truly see potential and urge you to please work on this game some more and truly take your time to put in some real effort because this game could come out to be something awesome if you truly try! (BTW: Your gravity coil that is available for 100 in-game credits does not work at all).


Yes, I’m sorry I’m still working on the gravity coil. Thank you for your feedback. Btw I’d like to what’s not anchored I can’t find anything unanchored


Ok, I took some time and put a lot of effort to make my game more appealing, can you check it out and see if it improved.


I know this question is not a direct answer to this post, but I just wanted to know… did you sponsor/advertise the game or not? I just wanted to check something.

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Yes, in total of all my sponsors it only adds up to like 15k robux

Okay, I took a quick look, and from the start, I could tell you took some of my advice, but there are still some problems. Some new and some, unfortunately, old. A lot of these problems aren’t big game changers and can be fixed relatively easily, except for one or two, which I will get into later on in this post. For now, let’s start with the smaller of the few issues.


  • GUIs: The GUIs are definitely somewhat better than I remember, but they are still not as good as they can be. The first major problem I see is that the “X” button, along with the rest, is just out of place and doesn’t really fit inside the GUI that well, but the “X” button is for sure the worst of them (see image). This one is more of an opinion, but I am also not a huge fan of the colors you chose and think that there are much better and easier-on-the-eye options that you could go for, and the fact that all of your GUIs are different colors really throws me off as well. Other than those few things, GUI seems to be okay for the most part. Unlike before, I can’t tell you how they are on my phone since I didn’t play on it this time around. Overall, the GUIs seem to have had a slight improvement, but a little bit more work needs to be done on them, in my opinion.

  • Lobby Design: Again, This isn’t a huge issue; it’s more of a quality-of-life fix if anything, but the lobby feels very cluttered and not well done at that either. There are way too many billboards, and some of them are clipping into walls and being placed very poorly. I recommend deleting some of the unnecessary ones and placing the important ones in a better spot. Not only that, but I feel as if the shop and timer areas can simply be turned into GUIs. I did notice you cleared the lobby up a bit since last time, but like most other things in this game, it still needs some improvements.


  • Heavens Light(?): There seems to be an issue, and I’m not sure if it is only for me, but when you look up, there is a horrible white light that blinds you. It’s as if God himself is calling to me to condemn me for playing this game once again. I am not sure what may be causing this, so unfortunately, I can’t give you any advice on how to fix it at all. (see picture)

  • BUILD QUALITY: The build quality has again improved since the last time I played this game, albeit not by a lot, and some new issues have even arisen. The first, and probably most important, is that some stages are pretty much skippable because there is a walkable lip (see picture), which allows us to go around the stage. The shop also seems poorly built and pretty rushed; not only that, but it also seems a little unnecessary considering you already have a GUI button for the exact same shop and tools. Overall, I think there is a slight improvement, but again, a lot of stuff, pretty much everything, could use a little bit of work and fixing up.


After playing for the third time. I can say that there has been some noticeable improvement, but not enough for me to say the game is any better than it was the last time I played. It still feels very rushed overall, and I assure you that if you sit down and take your time to make your game as good as you possibly can, then the outcome will be amazing. I truly see potential in this game, but it doesn’t feel like you are putting in the effort needed to get it in the best spot it can be. Again, please take your time; do not rush, and the outcome will be well worth it.

PS: I apologize if this reply wasn’t as in-depth as the last one. I am currently super tired and, on a trip, but I will definitely reply and go more in-depth on anything you want me to.


Thank you for your feedback! I’ll try to improve everything you pointed out. Yes I will try not to rush :smiley:

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I wish you the best of luck; I know you can do great!

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roblox is a game with a lot of young players so the death screen with toxic notes will make you lose a lot of players and overall decrease your game rating, so try to make the screen a less harsh or even remove the toxic notes

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thank you for your advice, i made my death notes a lot more kid friendly :blush:

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