Feedback on my game

Here is a game that I spent ads on, please leave a review in replies < 3

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It looks like this game has free models + the admin thing that pops up when you first play is really annoying

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really like the music and I find the obby challenging enough

however the rotating thing you seem to be making these spin just by changing there rotating next time tying using physics movers this will for example allow the player to be standing on these spinning things and spin with them

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The obstacle course itself is very nice looking and seems to be challenging enough for the difficulty levels presented. Here are some things that I felt were detrimental to the experience:

Having “Guest” above my head. It’s such a big text marker that it gets obnoxious having it floating there. There is a reason most games hide your own username, only show other players’ names, and have pretty small text even then.

The donation board: I don’t have any problem with it existing, but the placement is very in-the-way. Respawning at the start of the “Easy” portion, if I didn’t have my camera zoomed in, the board would obstruct my screen. It would also be nice to give players more of a view of the course at the beginning, rather than all the signs crowding them in a small area as it is now.

Last thing, but most importantly, as it’s not just an aesthetic preference on my end- every time the player respawns, the game flashes back to the starting area for a split second. (I believe it to be the starting area because I think I saw the statue that is there.) When on a particularly difficult level where I am dying every other second, the instinct to ragequit is strengthened by the headache inducing flashes of a different area. I have been staring at my computer all day so I’m not blaming you for my headache, but it does impact the will to keep playing.