Feedback on my Game

Alright so I need your feedback, i tried eliminating all bugs and glitches
Gave everyone rank 40 and 60,000 credits so you can test all the weapons
Use scroll wheel or number keys to switch through weapons
You can sprint, vault and slide
Solely done by me, please give me your opinions and feedback on this game I would appreciate it!



Great game however I would work on the user interface because it feels like it doesn’t fit in and match with the game itself. Secondly, maybe the glass should break when bullets hit the glass and guns have a lot more recoil than expected and you could add bullet-drop, prevent gun clipping by rendering the guns in a different place than the game, so its like an image on top of the gun camera (viewport frame I assume) when player goes near obstacles such as walls, the gun doesn’t clip through the wall, instead it just shows the gun normally because it is an image. Otherwise, a great game! Keep up the good work.

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The viewport frame idea isnt what im going for, the image will look choppy and it would take extra work, not even considering how the gun particle effects are gonna work let alone graphics level not affecting it.

Overall It’s pretty good, UI could use a lil’ cleanup lots of stuff all over the place. I would add an Un-Spectate button so you don’t have to press random keys trying to go back to the menu, mainly for new players who may not know all the keybinds. I would also highly recommend that you implement an anti-autoclicker into the guns. Can unload a mag in a millisecond.

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Overall, a nice game. A few changes that would be nice would be to remove the cancel sprint when changing weapons. My reasoning behind this it ruins the flow of the game when you have to stop whenever you pull out a different gun. Also, make a setting where you can either adjust or turn off the reduced sensitivity when ADSing. The problem I have with this is it ruins your muscle memory when your sensitivity is changed. Also, if you play with a low sensitivity it can be annoying.

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