Feedback on my game?

So I’m making a game that releases it’s full version on january and i want everything in it having a positive feedback on the community

You can check it out right here:


The games ok. I feel like the dash could be worked on a bit just due to it throwing you across the map and once the dash ends there’s 5 seconds before you cant control your character.

The maps are cool some have free models that don’t fit the style like on the desert-type map. The cars don’t fit in really.

Could use with a controls menu just to say what button does what. I didn’t know q would bring out a knife until I randomly press q.

Other then that its an alright game just wish it had players on when I went to test. :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback i’ll fix those once i wake up tomorrow


Even if there are a few bugs, the gameplay is incredible. Too bad people skip the post due to you giving them have to join your game. It’s apparently too hard for them to play the game

thank you, i dont mind people being too busy or too lazy to critisize a game. it’s just a post for feedback anyways