Feedback on my game

For some context, I’m recreating COD Zombies on Roblox (very original, I know). I’m using Roblox’s new MaterialService and AmbientCG for the textures. Fortunately for me, there was a free PBR terrain kit in toolbox which I used to create these neat rock formations.

Anyways, I’m just now creating the first map for my game, taking place in an abandoned, run-down facility in the grand canyon. I feel like it doesn’t make sense to have a tree in the map, but I’ve seen photos of random patches of dirt (with trees) in the grand canyon so I just went with it. I’ll probably add a few bushes here and there too to spice things up. Inside the facility I’m likely going to turn off completely ALL of the lights since the facility is well… abandoned. Any other notes of improvement?



Nice model you got there Buddy!

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Oh Looks great! How about add some old stuff?

Roblox and there users are just getting better a building now. Its INSANE!

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What exactly should I add? Like an old broken down car?

Yea!, like some old metal shelf. Old broken down car sounds good!

It looked great and I hope you keep this doing high! :+1:

And your texture are Insane.


It looks very detailed and clean, nice

The game looks quite nice and very detailed. BUT!!!

The textures are looking quite good. But it still has quite low quality for me(maybe because of Roblox’s texture limit). The woodbox texture looks quite out of place, try to make it a little darker. Try to hide the line between textures like here:


You should add other detail like dead bush, grass, flower, etc… Only rock still looks quite lame.

Tweak your lighting too. Add some desert skybox, and a yellow-orange ambient, and turn down EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentSpecularScale to it look more realistic.

Overall, it is still very polished, keep it up!