Feedback on my game

Hi my friends. Since marble games are dying I thought it’ll be good if I can return this genre of games. Remember this game was just published so it can be very glitchy. I hope you think this is good because I spend a long time on this. So I’ll put the link here so you can play it. (1) Marbles On Terrian - Roblox I don’t have enough robux to sponsor it though


So funny game, add borders at map and it will be very good!

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tbh I don’t understand the purpose of the game would help if you would explain to me

Just roll around in a marble. Its fun in my opinion

Honestly, I’d love to add this Marble Idea into my admin system as a fun little easter egg. Let me know if you’d be down!

It’s very fun, however I’m not sure it would be something you could make Robux off of currently. Perhaps, swap out the Terrain for parts so it could be interchangeable. Have multiple maps, that could be changed for players to roll around on and have an area where you could relax without being in a ball. Other than that, it’s pretty cool!

I’ll try soon. Thanks for advice

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Hey There, @Minioncreator123
The game looks pretty cool, it’s a nice simple idea!

But you could possibly get bored after 3 or so minutes, you should try to add some features to make the game stand out and have a longer playtime.

Oke. I’ll try. I’d be nice if I’d put admin because im playing with admin and its to funny

this can basically be the idea of your game then: “Marble Game with Admin”

I’d love that but I don’t think people would want to play a game like Marble Game With Admin because I’ve played a owner admin and everyday people get banned for no reason. That’ll give me a bad reputation and i’'ll be looked up as “The guy whose worse than jaredvaldez2”. Also all I do in admin games are play air raid sirens

pretty nice game, I would suggest giving a little more speed to the player since you can get stuck easily

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Pretty fun but not much else after that. Games like Marble Mania will easily surpass you as they have more things to do and extra bits in the game. Unfortunately, I do not think this game could become popular at the state it is now. It’ll need some developing. Cool concept though!