Feedback on my game

Summer of 2020, I made a game called days to save which is heavily inspired by Steams 1000 Days To Escape. It is a game where you have 1000 days (each day is 1.5 seconds) to send rockets to planets and evacuate the earth.
You have to refuel your rocket and choose a planet to launch to.

What can I improve, what would you guys want?

(me finishing the game)

Game link: Days to save - Roblox

Maybe instead of kicking the player, add an actual ending. Possibly with some camera animations.

I added a bad ending, I will probably add a good ending when people start playing it

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Bruh you dont start with money I cant send rockets : P

nevermind you have to wipe data before playing bruh

Yeah I forgot to fix that, I will tho, thanks