Feedback on my game

Hi again
Yesterday, I made a game that almost look like the snake game.I don’t know want to add to make my game more interesting.
Here is a link: Happy humans

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its ok but it would be good if there was a wall so i don’t die breh

oki doki i will think about this

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i really liked the theme, but the camera and apples isnt really center-aligned
overall nice game :wink:

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The description would hurt the eyes of english teachers, maybe correct it with spacing?
Sometimes the apples don’t register when I touch them

And finally, the game is quite boring itself, the original snake game was fun because you couldnt stop and you could bonk your head into the wall, leading to a restart, but this, you can stop anytime you want, you dont get bigger, and all you buy is hats.

If you made it so we dont stop moving, that would make it more enjoyable

ok, i will change their positions

Sorry, I’m not from English-speaking countries. I’ll fix the description and I’ll add some interesting things.