Feedback on my game

Hi. I’m looking for feedback to increase fun and engagement in my experience.

Swim For Admin is intended to be compatible with many kinds of gameplay such as roleplaying, building, exploring, showcasing talent, and more.

A link to the experience:

About the Experience

Swim For Admin is an underwater adventure where you must evade sharks to unlock admin commands. You can utilize an array of amazing commands and equip yourself with fantastic gears to enhance your gameplay. Users can unleash their creativity by creating worlds and enjoying the ability to save their crafted buildings. Additionally, this experience uses Credits Admin with custom admin commands. There are powerful music and gear searching features that can be utilized such as :gear sword, :music medieval.


  • What are your thoughts about the current thumbnail and icon?
  • How useful is the description to the experience?
  • What do you think about the current gameplay?
  • Are there UI design flaws?
  • Anything else you think is important?

I’m looking for any kind of feedback, regardless of how important you think it might be. Thank you all for giving my experience a closer look. Have a wonderful day :sun_with_face:


the UI seems a bit lacking in terms of showing any swimming or sharks, but the game seems fine