Feedback on my game

Greetings, I just started making this game around a month ago with no experience at all (scripting and building) and it’s supposed to be a hangout game with obby mixed into it.

I’m hoping to get a feedback on this, thank you very much!

(Sorry for bad English also I don’t know how to use this Developer Forum lol)


Woah, this is very good! The game itself seems to have alot of potential, but it’s still good!


thank you! I’ll try my best improve it!

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Start menu & Chat UI looks pretty Great and matches the Atmosphere of the Game.

Why is there a Double Space in “Insighted : Teaching me how to make UI”?, Also you can add a Comma “,” between “And special thanks to you (Name)!”

The Music UI is a lil too big compared to the rest of the UI in my opinion, you can try to make it a bit smaller.

Why is the Cheese orange? It’s not clear that it’s Cheese at first glance.

Why da cheese not glowin?! I got scammed >:( Also, I don’t think you are supposed to eat it like that…

Why am i holding it sideways

I found the Tank, but I can’t figure out how to Get it, I touched it, Clicked it, Jumped on it.

Also, the Windows are a little Too Transparent, It’s hard to find the exit sometimes.

The Teleport GUI is Blank for some reason, And it doesn’t do anything.

UI: 7/10 Simplistic, and fits the Game’s Atmosphere.

Gameplay (The Obby part): 6/10 Not too bad, Not too good, Pretty easy but gets pretty annoying, especially when the Teleport GUI is broken.

Atmosphere: 6/10 I like the Snowy terrain combined with the Cozy interiors,

Map: 8/10 Pretty good and Detailed, maybe add some more interactive stuff since it’s a hangout game.

Overall rating: 8/10 The game is obviously supposed to be played with multiple people, But still, I kinda enjoyed it. (Aside from a few bugs and glitches) This game really has a lot of potential, Hope it’s gonna be finished soon.

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Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it

Teleport UI
For the teleport UI is still just a design mockup, that’s why it’s still blank lol

I haven’t really found a way to make it driveable (I suck at scripting fr), so it’s still just a model

Obby is an optional route but it tells you the story about the mountain and landmarks (you can use the teleport button to skip the entire obby and go to Camp 1!)

As for the rest, I kinda agree with you (Windows, etc) thank you again for your feedback! :pray:

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