Feedback on my game

So recently I shared idea for my game in this post here.

So heres early access of the game 🏭[NEW!] Simple Factory - Roblox

You press claim it doesnt teleport you (just rejoin the game as datastore failed me more than my life did)

if you encouter anything else please, and please report it to my discord server

  • the game is blurry

  • you can place things outside of your plot if you click an item and then spam click while you hover your mouse on your plot (a fix is to make building have server side checks)

  • theres one song in the entire game and it doesnt even loop

  • factory ui could use some image icons to look cleaner

overall the game is fine but can use some improvement, i found the game pretty fun though :+1:

  • Excessive blurring

  • A written tutorial is nice but after closing it there’s no way to open it again which is a bit annoying

  • When choosing where to spawn your plot the camera points at the plot from a weird angle

  • It would be nice to spawn on your plot

  • for 4 days of works it looks very nice, there are bugs and some missing features but this is to be expected considering this game was made in just a few days.

  • If you ever want to work with another scripter, I would be very interested as I am looking for someone to work with. Not to make games specifically but just to work on things together in order to learn from eachother.

  • I’m a scripter and Ui designer.

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The game looks good, too much blur though. Otherwise, nice job on it!

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Thanks for all feedback, for now ill pause a lil because of personal life. But for sure I will finish this game fully as soon as i get lil free time!