Feedback on my game

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my game :slight_smile:


Can you give use some in-game pic’s? So far from what I see it’s looks good but can you give use some more pics for the people who can’t join the game?

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Who doesn’t like low poly? Good concept. All I can say is add a bit more of natural elements there, such as rocks or woods scattered around.


Did you create these assets? I can see a difference between the logs and the fire camp. Same for the trees, rocks between the logs and the general scene.

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I created every asset in Blender and Roblox Studio. Except the donation board


I like the low-poly style you went for, it really helps the place to stand out.
Though I can see you took some items in the game from other games. For example the donation board. Though I like the style of the map!

Good luck on future developing,


Good morning,

This is a good start. I’m going to divide this post up into small sections so that you can get a more detailed opinion from me. If you do not want to read this, I have a small summary at the bottom of this post.

The Title

  • Simple, clean, to the point. Nothing wrong here.

The Description

  • Same opinion with the title. It’s a simple place, for simple things, so why should the description being any different? However, here is the nitpick I have with the description:

If you want a place to hang out with your friends, listen to music, or look at nature? This is the place for you!

  • From what I saw, the radio is stuck behind a 500 Robux paywall (as well as some other assets) in order to listen to anything. If you are going to introduce what is available in the game in the description, I would avoid using what is not free to the player in it. The first sentence is also a dependent clause, so the question mark after the word “nature” should be a comma.

The Assets

  • There aren’t any aside from the ones that you have to buy with Robux, which I believe is a big no no in a game specifically for hanging out. To me, there should be more free stuff vs non-free stuff to have/use in a game/place. A few off the top of my head would be marshmallows, sleeping bags, backpacks, sandwiches, water jugs, water bottles. etc. With this, someone can just take 2 minutes to make their own place to hang out, and not have to worry about paying anything.

  • People like animations, and this is the perfect place to have some. Especially dancing ones.

  • There should be a mindset of “why would someone come to my place or their place to hang out with their friends? What is unique about my place? Why is my place superior?” I know it is the beta, but it would be better to work on the game’s free assets first before trying to make things for players to buy to have more fun.

The Map

  • Since this is a hangout game, it’s expected for there to be no game-play, stats, or crazy amounts of GUIs. Therefore the map the only thing players can really rely on to be satisfying. To start, this is descent, but there are many things I have feedback on so I will keep them sort and use bullet points.

    • 10 players can player but there are only 4 seats total.
    • You say, “or look at nature” in the description, but there are a ton of trees and not much to actually look at. (Could also be a beta thing)

      Adding background events like small animals running around, birds chirping, water, cabins, etc. would make the place look more appealing.
      There are other small things like the statue and Donation board, but those are fine, and I can tell the statue is incomplete.

The Lighting

  • It seemed fine at first, but once the sun set, the map was still pretty lit.
  • If you haven’t already, you could switch to the voxel lighting, and make lanterns around the camp area for a smooth, and atmospheric touch!
  • There is also this noticeable thing were I can see that the time loop is iterating over as much as 1 time per second (Which is extremely slow, and choppy). You could make this time smaller, because when the sun is setting, I noticed a clock ticking movement with the lighting, which could be better.

Now I know it seems like I am being extremely picky, but I actually like how the map started, but these things should get the hangout looking more alive, creative, and more appealing to go to.

tl;dr: The map is a good start, but the map is empty. The radio should not be in the description if it is not free. Add more things to the background, make the day/night cycle faster, add animations/other assets for the players to use and you should be in a good spot.


I think there are real issues here. I understand it’s a hangout place but there’s nothing to do except sit and talk (if anyone is on). There isn’t much diversity in models, all the trees as basically the same except sizing differences. I wouldn’t of noticed this except for @BruiseIgnio mentioning it about the tools you have for sale as gamepasses. I’ll be frank, I would never spend that much Robux or any in fact for just individual items except for the radio. I would convert those into ingame items where you can buy with ingame currency.

I don’t think there is much game here. It’s nature but there’s not much nature. There’s not much to do which will hurt your player retention. I would make it more like a game like maybe camp activities like archery or fishing. You could also implement a high scores system for each activity. This could be a great game but there needs to be things to do.


Thank you so much! I wrote down everything you said :slight_smile:


This is giving me camping vibes, and i love camping.

As alot of others have said as well,there’s not enough nature to make it “Nature” if you know what i mean.
And yes as @Badandy11 said you should try and add some activities to it so it feels like an actual outdoor hangout.

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From the pictures shown, the game seems plain, and there would be nothing to do but chat. Maybe add some things to do, like, talk to animals, add animals, able to tame animals, so and so and so. Make gamepasses too, that’d make the game more fun.

That’s all I have to say. Maybe add some more nature, flowers and such. :+1:


Good low poly design but could be improved by:

  • Adding more detail to the ground such as mini bumps in the ground or mini to large hills.
  • Drastic Improvements are needed for the background rocky area! , maybe union some rocks or smoothen the edges of them.
  • Maybe using the Roblox Terrain feature would be cool and make it more realistic yet still maintain aspects of it being low-poly.

Other than that, the low poly build looks fantastic!

The game looks nice but use more decoration and I would make the map a little more bigger.

I’d say you have a pretty decent footprint, like others have said maybe add some other things to do, some more nature also I.E flowers, bushes ETC. and you could add something like a river that could be flowing around the map maybe add a boat that players can sit in.

I played your game, and I think it’s pretty good for a start. But, I have a few suggestions. I hope you’ll be happy to hear them!

  1. When I had tried to go near the water/lake area, the water was solid! Maybe you could turn the collision of the water off, and maybe change the texture to Ice, so it looks more like water.

  2. I feel like the game would have a better environment if you add quiet and peaceful music to add along with the nature ambiance. For example, a song with a guitar.

  3. I feel as you should add a few more tools the player could use, for example, a lantern, (if you add a day/night cycle, that is,) and maybe a backpack or a camera. The backpack or camera don’t have to be functional, it will just add more things the players could roleplay with.

That’s all I would add for your game! I feel that this would be a successful game. Keep working hard!


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I tested out your game, it looks cool though, the rock map borders are cool lol. I suggest a cool feature: music and some moving ducks(?). Also, try making the boat drivable by players, it can make your game more fun though.

Overall, it’s good.

WoAh, just realized I’m 1 year late.

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