Feedback On My Game

Hello, I would like it if you could give me some feedback on my game. And any bugs. I am a new group owner and I am busy working on a game. Please go check it out!


Hello, played it with one of the peeps who will prob reply soon.
Ok, so I would just like to state that these are my opinion and u should use this to understand the problems in your game and fix them.

  1. first thing I noticed is the map, the map is city theme when the game thumbnail shows ninja… very misleading.
  2. it is very unsatisfying the animation of the sword and the cool down of the sword, felt like my clicks were doing nothing…
  3. the UI is very plain and boring and small, I didn’t see it till later on…
  4. whenever I did an action it felt unrewarding, there was no effect, sound or anything, just points added and when u redeemed the points it also did not feel rewarding.
  5. in combat mode when u attacked u hurt your self…
  6. last thing is that is just felt like another simulator… nothing special or unique to it.

Ik your game is very early in development, and your just starting out but take what I said into consideration and update it.
U still have a long way too go!
Good luck! :smiley:


thank you for your honest oppinion.

Hello there,
your game was a good start but a game needs more progress in my opinion. not only the game has good looking building but also the weapon. there were some of the UI need to change or improve. like this picture:

the GUI needs more work and also improvement. the building of the game quite good as well not gonna lie, it is really good. you also can put a tree, rock, or other environments into the game. anything else accepts the thing you need to improve it is fine, nothing to change at all…
that all for now and I will see you in the next reply…

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Thank you for giving me some information about my game. I would liek to tell you also that I’m in the moment looking for a GUI developer/designer.

In all complete honesty, if I was a regular player I would not play this game for more than a minute or two. That’s not a bad thing for it being in development, that’s how a lot of those games are. I boiled it down to two things you need to change:

  1. The animation for the sword isn’t fluid and it looks extremely awkward. In general, the animation does not look human. And yeah, it’s ROBLOX but an Assassin is a person and a person does not swing a sword with little effort from the body other than the arm wielding it.
  • How to fix that?
    I recommend you re-animate it with using both hands instead of just the one. It looks more fluid, more realistic and cleaner. I do not think this will get in the way of PVP either.
  1. I felt baited into the game. There wasn’t any Asian-based architecture in the city like there is in the thumbnail. Our StarterCharacter is not a ninja either. I feel out of place and that I’m probably just a sword wielding nutjob in an American city.
  • How to fix that?
    Change the architecture to a fit a more Asian-based design. You can also make the StarterCharacter a ninja if you want.

Other than that, the game has a pretty long way to go. I hope to see more from this soon!


Hello, @ZakrapGamingYT
Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m happy to see you’re progressing better in terms of development. Onto the feedback.

  1. Like many others said, the map is very misleading. You’ve got your generic street with the same but one buildings surrounding it. If you look at your game’s thumbnail, you’ll almost instantly notice the dojo in the back. When a player first clicks the game page, the first thing they’re going to look at is the thumbnail, it’s meant to give a brief overview of what they can expect once they’ve loaded in. There isn’t a dojo in sight within your game.

  2. You also have a ‘Toggle PVP’ button in the bottom right of the screen. This definitely needs more action because as of right now, it only teleports you to a grassy area, but it signifies no use of a PVP system at all. I recommend creating something where you can challenge other players, and if they accept, you can battle it out there. The game as of right now isn’t very atmospheric, but maybe a tweak of the Lighting properties would help you out majorly.

I strongly agree with 6oi’s point here, as the animation is plain, and not at all enticing. Adding an animation that swings the sword would be cool, as well as a slashing sound, and maybe a GUI to pops up like “+N :grinning:” - ‘N’ being the number of points awarded/hit.

Again, in agreement with this; but to elaborate on it, you can make skins unlockable/purchasable, as well as better katanas, swords, weaponry, and weapon skins. It may also be cool to add a ‘Twitter Code’ system, in which players can enter a code in return for in-game prizes.

Moreover, I get the idea of what you’re trying to create, and you definitely have a little while to go; but it’s extremely cool to see that you’re accepting feedback and are going to implement it into your game. I hope to hear more about this project in the future.

Happy developing!

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Well I jsut would like to say I am busy at the moment with a new icon and thumbnail. But Thank you for your useful information :slight_smile:

My feedback:

  1. Like many others have pointed out, a city does not fit for an assassin simulator, but if you really want the city map, you will need to change your thumbnail or title; otherwise, many players will accuse your game for being misleading,
  2. The lobby needs improvement. For example, try making the lobby more detailed. You will also need to change the floor, as it looks like if a city was just put on some grass plate, which looks very uninteresting, bland, and seems like you haven’t put in any effort at all. You could also make the lobby indoors.
  3. Sword animations need improvement. The animation seems abstract. Please reanimate the sword animation.
  4. UI: You could have done way better. Please make the text stand out. Try looking at some tutorials for some inspiration.
  5. You could have added a loading screen.

Now, I know this seems intimidating, but this feedback, along with others’, will be valuable to your game.

Side note: You could have instead given us some pictures/videos of your game instead of making your game public and putting ‘THIS GAME WILL SUCK, PLEASE DO NOT DISLIKE!!!’ :laughing:

Most importantly, good luck on your game!

Thank you for you AWESOME feedback.

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Look. Don’t be mean. We got hacked. So we started over again. I had no other choice.

I believe the thumbnail was ripped from this game here:

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we got hacked 2 times. and we didn’t know the members had edit perms ok.

It gives off similiarity to Ninja Legends.

Ninja and assassins give off the same personality and traits.

You’ve closed the game but I’m assuming it’s a “grind your ____” like Ninja legends.

Personally, I don’t like simulators as they’re poorly made for cash grabs. I can’t see the quality off the game because as previously mentioned, you’ve closed the game.

Edit: Nevermind, I’ve been reading and it looks like your game is gone to a mess and you’re icons are stolen from another Assassin simulator.

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That’s wherer the “HACKING” comes in.