Feedback on my game

Hey there! I am a developer with 2 months experience and this is my first game. It’s not nearly done yet, because I wanted to get some feedback from the community before finishing it. Thanks for reading!


Pretty good for a first game. I understand that they are easy to make and good for beginners, but please don’t do any more simulators. No offence but the simulator genre is boring, grindy, and oversaturated. I appreciate what you do, it looks really good and is functional, but please don’t make another simulator.

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Thank you. I totally agree with you, but this is a type of game that’s simple enough to be finished by a beginner and that’s why I chose it. Otherwise, if I had tried to make a harder game, I would’ve probably lost motivation and stopped developing. Instead, I’ve gained a lot of experience, and I’m going to keep practicing more and more until a point where I can make other types of games.