Feedback on my games current story line

My game is about an assassin.
I need feedback on the current Storyline for the games.


The first mission takes place in Beverlock hills (beverly hill) the target is a corrupt lawyer. This lawyer is currently having a meeting with a political figure and a rich CEO. The map for this mission is small, the target is in the house at all times during the mission, forcing the player to be creative in their way of getting in and eliminating him.
This mission is tutorial.

The second target of the game is the CEO of a large pharmaceutical company.
The CEO is planning on raising the prices of medicine and is developing a virus to make vaccines and profit off the vaccines. The mission takes place in a small village in a rural area of America, where there is a hidden lab under a large house. This mission is hard, to complete the target stays in his underground lab in high security areas. The second objective of this mission is to destroy the virus.

The third target is a mad scientist who is attempting to make a nuclear bomb, the client for this mission is the CIA. The mission takes place in the upper floors of a tower in New York City, the area is completely hostile to the normal clothing, forcing the player to disguise as a guard. The entire area is filled with guards. The target roams around, but is protected by 2 guards. The mission has a 45 minute time limit. Once the 45 minutes pass the mission immediately ends, as the bomb has exploded. The scientist is working with a secretive organization that wants to dominate the world. The mission name is “The bomb”
The fourth target is a corrupt politician who has ties to the mafia, the target is a roamer, he sticks to the public areas, the mission takes place in Moscow, near in red square. The mission is difficult to do silently as the target stays in public. The method that i’m trying to force onto the players is to use a sniper.

The first one sounds great, the second one is against this Community Rule:


As long as you pose the virus specifically as “flu” or “cold” then it’s probably fine. If it’s ambiguous people will assume COVID, which isn’t okay. Also, change the “vaccine” to “immunity” or other: “The CEO is planning on creating immunity to a new strain of flu…” is probably okay.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will change that in the game.

I have added more to the games story.