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Hello! I have created a main menu for a game I’m starting to work on, it’s not 100% complete yet, (the buttons don’t work because I haven’t made the actual game yet) but I would like some feedback on the UI so far. The Image label is where the game’s name will go once I’ve decided what the name will be. I did take quite a bit of inspiration for the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord menu for this UI as I thought I suited my game well. I would like to hear what you all think about it and what should be changed as I’m not the best UI designer (I’ve only made a couple of main menus before).

Changes So Far:

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! I’ve gone through and changed the size of the UI Buttons and how much they grow, I’ve also added sounds for hovering over the buttons and filled in the background a bit more with a horse, a cart, haybales, a stool, and a chair inside the tent.

Old Video


I’d probably rate it 7/10.

The background lacks a tiny bit imo, but its not that big of an issue.

My main concern is the buttons. They’re way too big in general, and worse when you hover. The text almost goes to the border when you hover over it. That and theres a lot of empty space below the buttons.

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Thanks for the feedback! How’s this for the Size issue, I’ll also try to fill in the background a bit more like you said.

Overall it looks pretty good! but I would space the text as IGOBOOM123 said. Maybe try some transparency on the background?

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Much better :+1:


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This game’s main menu looks good! Nice job on it!


It’s good, I like it very much, but I suggest you to add TweenSize on Buttons.

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Hey it looks good for unfinished game But you should Put a little bit of Detail.

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