Feedback on my game's name, icon, and thumbnails

Hey fellow developers! I figured I’d reach out to the forum today and ask you to provide feedback on some of my thumbnails.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on an infinite blocky mining game that I plan to advertise soon. I’ve done extensive research on how to advertise it, when to advertise it, and how much to spend. Most tutorials I saw recommended spending upwards of 20,000 Robux on ads. Thing is, I’m a new developer, and I don’t exactly have tens of thousands of Robux lying around to spend all in one week on ads. But, they did say that the game’s name, icon, and thumbnail supposedly play a huge role in getting your game discovered if it’s being sponsored, not advertised (I plan to do both), so I decided to upload the game’s respective media and ask for feedback on it.

The game is called “Miner’s Village.” Feedback on the name would also be appreciated!


I plan to make more soon.

Game Icon:

Thanks in advance!


I really like the icon and thumbnail because they are very high quality and also they look nice and vibrant. I can’t really give much feedback on the game’s name because I really have no idea what a good game name should be but the name sounds interesting and it also sounds like a name that is gonna target search. Also you said you plan on advertising your game soon which I recommend you check out this article I made because it can help you with advertising your game. Article: How to Successfully Grow Your Game (Ft. Sensei_Developer & Vikinglaw) | Promoting and Advertising your Game. Good luck with your game!


All of this looks good! The name is nice and original/unique, and the icon looks good, but you should maybe add a “NEW” symbol/sign if you want to increase the number of people who look at the game icon since it grabs people’s attention. The thumbnails look good too, but they’re pretty dark, you should make them a bit brighter and lighter.

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