Feedback on my Gaming Living Room Showcase!

Hey! I made the gaming living room because I’m really bored. I hope to hear any of your feedback! I would gladly appreciated it! It’s took me 2/3 hours to complete it!


If you want to play my showcase!

Here’s the link: Gaming Living Room Showcase - Roblox


From what is provided, I like the design and layout. I do think you should add more detail onto the coffee table like some magazines, books, maybe some pictures on the wall ect. I think I understand the kind of mood you’re going for and I think it looks very well made you should either add some potted plants in the room like in the corner by the tv or possibly add some art pictures on the walls.

I also think you should place a small chair because it’s rather empty around those areas you could improve that. Other than that, it’s a decent room like the color and the materials.


I love the design and how you have used up the space, I don’t have any criticism as it all matches the theme and all of the assets look very high quality.

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To be honest, this looks like a room in a club than a gaming room.
Although, the assets look very beautiful.

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The design & everything is amazing.

I’m not a builder/modeler but I do suggest that you should decorate the room a bit more, and add more details to the room like jordonh23 has said

You could also add like 2 gaming controllers on the table :arrow_down:


This is a suggestion, I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out but you could try to make the room a bit messy, what I mean by messy is like placing a popcorn basket spilling on the ground on the couch, and adding more fun details to the room.

Great work :+1:


It would be cool if there was an option to change the color, or even have a multicolored scheme,

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Now, this is really good! Nice job!

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Greetings, your Gaming Living Room looks very impressive and I can see based on the design you did a good job.

Interestingly, the blue color you made for the room is greatly appreciated because it really fits the appearance of a gaming room.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciated it.