Feedback On My Gas Station

Greetings Travelers. I made a gas station for my portfolio and I would love to see some constructive criticisms so I can further improve on my future creations.

I’m mostly having trouble with the pipes of the pumps. They took me a ridiculously amount of time to make and they look so choppy. How can I make them look more curvy and at a more efficient rate?


Updated Version

New Things I Added and Changed:

  • Added Streets and Pathway into the gas stations.
  • Changed the Gas Station Text using the plugin suggested by @Hen_altaccount (The First Version)
  • Added Metal Material to all the gas pumps
  • Reduced Sign Size

Personally I believe the streets looks weird for some reason, can’t really tell why. Is there any ways I can improve it? I’m planning on a making a full scale city map.

New Pictures


It good for me… Good is my feedback :slight_smile:

Neon may be a bit strong, but overall it looks good. For the basic shape of the pump, you can try using the curve creator plugin. It may take a few tries to get a curve that fits what you’re trying to do here, but afterwards it’s just a matter of angling some bends in so it looks more natural. If that doesn’t work, then try the Archimedes two plugin (assuming you aren’t already), which lets you choose the face and angle each curved part should have. It’s far quicker than manually angling and placing the parts, but using cylinders the connections may turn out a little choppy prior to manual adjustments.

I don’t remember if you can set the part type. If not, you can just change it from brick to cylinder in the properties menu after generating the shape. If the parts are in the incorrect orientation, you can rotate all the objects by 90 degrees and resize.

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Looks amazing man! Neon might be strong I agree, but otherwise it’s good :smile:

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Wow! Nice build. Yeah, like others have mentioned neon can be strong, but it fits. In order to make it “less” strong I’d say remove the neon from the sign, you can keep the neon on the roof, though!

Keep it up.

Personally, I suggest to change the letters on the sign. Try this instead:

This plugin creates letters made out of Meshparts. Its really easy to use, and I highly recommend it.
Other from that, I would say its pretty good. Good job!


Thank you for your feedback, that plugin did exactly what I wanted to do.

Thank you for your recommendation! I have been looking for easier ways to make 3D texts.

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You should post another picture of the gas station, and let us suggest some more!

The sign seems a little off, you should consider using a plugin.

Make use of RopeConstraints for the pump piping. Set the color, width, make them visible, and have a sphere of the same width at each of the attachment points.

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It’s pretty good!
Just you should remake the letters that don’t have the same size everywhere

Looks nice, but there are some things that I notice…1, How do vehicles enter the gas station? I see no driveway in the picture, and I don’t think that a vehicle can roll over that thick sidewalk. 2. The sign is a little too big. I would suggest maybe using some letter meshes to make it a little less blocky, and smaller. 3. Add the, ‘Metal’ material to the gas pumps. I like builds that have some material in them, and maybe adding metal to the gas pumps would express its detail. Though, I like this build so far; Similar to my other builds!

Thank you for your feedback! I completely forgot to add a pathway for vehicles to enter. Lol.

Your Gas station looks amazing. Usually, on the side, there is a sign stating prices. I think you should attempt to make that. And yeah, others did suggest this but try improving the text.

I also think you should attempt to space out the pumps so that more cars are able to fit through.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice. I will attempt to improve the build when I have time and update with newer pictures soon.

I think that is very good!,nice job!

You should probably make a access point for cars where you cut the curb, and since there’s pumps on both sides, make sure there’s space in the middle pump area for two cars to be there.