Feedback on my Gem/Currency asset pack

I’ve made this asset pack and I want to sell it so I want to know what a fair price for this is, if it is worth selling, and any improvements I can make. Just keep in mind that this is a low poly asset pack.

I feel like I would pay 1k robux for that mostly because if I used it, I would only use the coins and some of the gems

Realistically, most games use 1 or 2 types of currency

  • 0-100R$
  • 101-1kR$
  • 1k-5kR$
  • 5k-10kR$
  • 10kR$+

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I kind of lost control. I made like 4 gems and then I kept making more because I wanted a lot of diversity.

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That’s probably a good approach for an asset pack though because it will appeal to more people!

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is 250 Robux a good price for this