Feedback on my GFX #10

Hey everyone! I’m here, once again, to ask for your feedback on my GFX! It’s been a while since my last post about GFX design, but I have been trying some new stuff as of recently, I’m very excited to show you guys what I’ve done during the last few months :grin:

Please tell me all about it! From lighting to details to everything you can possibly think of! I want honest feedback, every single opinion counts! Thank you so much for your time :hearts:


Well im speechless
well woww
This is one of the best gfx i have seen so far

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Looks clean! Love the work man
Just one flaw, maybe in the second GFX you can move the left hand a lil to make it more visible at it seems a bit dissolving with the arm.

Ignoring that, pretty awesome!

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I absolutely love all of these!!

However for the third image, I would definitely suggest choosing a lighting option that blends the characters with the background more naturally as it looks a tad bit off. Other than that though, everything seems pretty visually appealing and soothing to the eyes!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This might be against the roblox ToS as they prevent holding hands.

i lieke the first one, except the moon is just a while circle and the blends aren’t great.

the banner is too basic and on roblloxs tudio with not too much good lighting or blends. i dont like it as much.

the second last one has good posing, but a weird face, this looks like he will punch us, and the background image blending isn’t that good.

your last one has the best image blending, with some mediocre posing and character design choices, as well as the lighting not matching as much and leaves being in the background but not here in the 3d scene and stuff. the first guy of the last one (left) looks like he’s trying to do a fast walk, while the right one looks ok, maybe make them lean forward a bit more. but you really need more depth in your realistic images like the last one. you need: more leaves, enviormental details, better lighting matching, glow in some places where it should be. it all makes it look better.

honestly, im not a good gfx artist so idk much, but i hope this helps you.

you will succeed if you keep practicing, good luck.

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it probably is, but he made that one for practice and isn’t going to upload it to roblox.

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The last one is so beautiful. It’s like we make a break in a roblox movie.

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I love all of theses GFXs!!
Keep practicing!

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