Feedback on my GFX #8

Hey guys! Ramen here, once again, and this time with one more GFX! I don’t usually do there realistic type gfxs so don’t expect to see more from me hahah. Anyway, what do you guys think about it? Anything i could’ve changed? Thank you so much for your time! :slightly_smiling_face:

(By the way, tree models were not made by made, the rest was.)

Made it following a tutorial from RenderRides


The 3 trees on the right are repetitive. Make sure you rotate them and maybe scale.

Otherwise it’s really good, I like it.


Is it just me or is there something on the avatars face. It is sort of a green smudge if you zoom in.

EDIT: Now I get what that smudge is for. If you wanted to make it even more realistic try adding bits of green to the suit.

Keep up the great work!


Other than the repetitive trees, already mentioned above, it looks great!

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Pretty good! I love the atmosphere, and the fog. I’ll tell you some things to work upon…

The mountains in the back are extremely blurred, so it seems those mountains are very far away. However, the grass field stops abruptly, maybe I would add more grass in the background to make it look more realistic and natural.

The trees are really repetitive, maybe different styles of trees would work out better. The grass looks a bit weird, it looks as if the grass was criss-crossing, not very natural.

Good job! Keep working at it. :wink:


This looks similar to the finished product of this tutorial:

Not saying its really copied, you are just putting your own spin on it, but shouldnt you credit RenderRides?

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I mean, yeah, you’re right, thanks for reminding me about that.

Really nice! Do you have a portfolio?

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Right now I don’t, but I plan on doing one pretty soon though!