Feedback on my GFX and model

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Your graphics look great!

The gloss on the characters as well as the low-poly theme is not overdone, and matches your vibe perfectly!

I just found the particles, or well the bubble overlay on the logo a bit too overdone, maybe you could have used a soft brush, with a hardness of 10%, and maybe a flow of 30% to erase a bit on the main character, and the main focus so that it would stand out more, just assuming if it was a Roblox Game Icon.

But in the end, it looks clean and nicely done!


Thankyou for the feedback, ill keep that in mind


Looks amazing!

The gfx are really nice but,

I’m not sure what the model is suppose to be…

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Your GFX looks fab! The lighting you went for really goes with the picture, and brings a good feel to it! Well done!

Your model has some really cool textures, which I love, you have clearly spent a lot of time on it!

Good luck for the future, you have a natural talent for GFX and modelling!


model is supposed to be a staff/torch

thank you i really appreciate your feedback


Maybe a flame would be cool! :smiley: