Feedback on my GFX (Graphics Effects)

Hey guys!
I’d love to hear your feedbacks and/or constructive criticisms on my GFX I made for my friend Andrevk26 to improve/change my style and stuff.

Applications I used:

  • Roblox Studio (obviously)
  • Blender
  • MediBang Paint Pro

Thank you all for reading and taking your time to comment!


The explosion on background is low resolution
make inner glow orange or remove it entirely
the fire dont fit the style of explosion on background and stick out from the hand since there is notthing to blend the hand with the fire.


The explosion or the background doesn’t have a low resolution and isn’t focused on the “camera”. That means it’s blurred and the character on the foreground is focused on it.

I’ve also realized that its texture and style doesn’t fit in exactly.

He actually has “the ability to make fire out of his hands in hell” like something supernaturally.

Thanks for your criticism!

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This looks pretty nice!

I would suggest adding more of an orange/red light on the arms so that it makes it seem like there is light off the back of the character from the explosion in the background, and as well as adding some orange/red/yellow color to his face and front body areas.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion! :happy3:

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i know but usually this kind of fire power would have flow similar to this
the fire start from the hand and flow up nicely
but from your gfx it look like the fire slap on the hand and it doesn’t flow “naturally”


I really like how you portrayed somesort of “mad” or “violent” atmosphere. Perhaps remove the white reflections on the character, also the happy face doesn’t seem to go with the fire element.


I’m getting a Bad Blood vibe from this :rofl: