FeedBack on My GFX Icon

This Is a GFX render that ive created and I would like some feedback on what i could possibly change for the future.

I might have went overboard with the lighting a little.
Also let me know if I should start selling GFX or if I should practice a little more.
Constructive criticism over ranting is always appreciated


Hi! Wow, the GFX looks really good. I suggest next time, put more expression in the poses on the avatars, along with the lighting, that can be fixed. Overall, great job!


To me, the shadows seem a little too much. It looks as if there was a huge wall, and there was a huge shadow. I’d rather there be light shadows.

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Well, to be honest, you should increase the lighting a little bit more in the other side.
The tree looks so dark and I recommend for a little bit of lighting to be placed to make the scene a little bit more realistic.

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As the others have said, add more lighting.

I feel as if the skybox doesn’t really seem to fit your theme you have going here.

It overall looks very dark. Otherwise this is a really good GFX. Keep up the good work!

I love it, it looks actually really nice! :slight_smile:

The only thing I would focus on changing is:

  • Adding a little bit more detail to the background to give it more of an appealing look. (Zombies coming from behind and out of the ground, raining effect, grass effects, etc)
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Especially the zombie’s leg, it looks like there legs are gone :joy:

The shadows don’t look realistic, there is a lots light and lots shadows at the same time.

This GFX does look amazing so far, but I find a few things wrong with it that would really transform it! The first thing I noticed is the weird shading effect on the hat. Screenshot_19
I’m not sure what program you used but that weird effect does happen with Blender a lot. If you did use Blender. This can simply be done by finding the Object data and if auto smooth is turned on, turn it off. Screenshot_20

Also some of the shadows are slightly confusing, it seems the light source is coming in from the left side of the image, but there’s still shadows underneath the zombie.
In my opinion it just confuses the viewer, and clashes with the light effect you seem to be going for. On the topic of lighting it looks too bright in some areas, I’d tone it down a little and remove the funky shadows underneath and around the avatars. Also I would remove the glowing effect on some areas of the avatar? I’m not sure if that was edited in after the render or if it’s the lighting being too bright, but it sort of clashes with the extreme shadows.

I hope my advice helps you out in the future! I tried to be as constructive with it as I could but it’s kind of hard not knowing what program you used. Other than the few things I didn’t like it looks pretty good none the less!

This is amazing, there is nothing to be criticized about here!