Hello, I just finished on a GFX I’ve been working on and, I would like some feedback!

Inspired by:download


Looks awesome! There’s just a huge difference in proportions! Looks great though!

I love it! It looks so realistic and cool! Keep up the great work!

dang, that car is big. i like the clothing folds. trees look weird though. 7.5/10

It looks good. The shoes and shoulders look a bit weird though.

It looks good, clean and realistic. U did that in how many time?

Looks great, but the shoes are wrinkled.

Looks cool, but the composition needs some improvement and the sky looks a bit plain. And it’s quite obvious that you didn’t make the car model.

And why did you wrinkle the shoes lol

I did it in about 30ish minutes.


I got the car model from roblox.

However, I did have to edit the materials it since Roblox texture doesn’t go in blender.

Ah, that explains why the materials look off. Get the car model from or