Feedback on my GFX

Hello there! I made a GFX that represents a snowy theme. This is also my first time appending emission materials on rigs on blender. Please do send feedback, and constructive criticism is appreciated of course! :+1:


that looks really cool but one thing that I think you should change is the light blue lightning like stuff that goes all over the body.

for me, its a bit too bright so maybe playing with the opacity could help. you could also try to make it 3D and kinda sticking out it.

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Thanks for the feedback! The “light blue lighting” was supposed to be bright, however playing with the opacity can lose it’s neon look. However, I might take the 3D sticking out part into consideration. Other than that, thanks!

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This looks cool!

The main problem is that there is too much of a mix between realistic and cartoony appearance, for example the ice on the left in the front.

Also there is a bit of noise in the back.

Overall, very nice GFX!

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Thanks for the feedback! I do agree with you about the mix, since this is my first time playing around with photoshop. I’ll make sure to not do that mistake next time.

The noise might be because of the dotted paint brush, I’ll fix that next time I make another GFX.

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