Feedback on my GFX?

I’ve been doing GFX for about a month now and was wondering whether it would look good on a portfolio? The ones that I am sending here are my best so far. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Viking GFX



A lot of these have very weird backgrounds. The backgrounds should just be Roblox. For example, the last one could just be some trees made in Roblox Studio to match the axe.

Hey man, these are looking fantastic so far! I especially love the first one with its outline. One thing I’d recommend doing is adding shadows to them. If you use Blender, try adding a lighting source to the scene to add realism. But overall, they’re looking amazing!

The poses are pretty good, the lightning is good but the backgrounds aren’t too good and the item placement isn’t the best.

Also, why did you use a different rig for these 2? Did you like one more then another and started using that one?

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Oh I use the 3D view method for GFX so I just duplicated the models and reposed them a bit.

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Lighting should be improved. If you’re using image backgrounds, you should analyze where the light sources are and implementing them into your scene. You can try learning “photo manipulation” to get better lighting.

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1st one is good, but change the background to fit. The 2nd one needs a better background, the saber needs to touch the hands and do something a little more with the feet. The last one has a crazy background, and the person is holding an axe which is out of the ordinary. Over all the gfx itself is good, the editing needs to be worked on.

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The last two are good renders, but they dont fit into the scene. They look like a person with greenscreen zoom backgrounds. So you need to work a bit on the atmosphere connections.

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all them have realistic backgrounds, and not realistic characters and lighting. the background lighting does not match up with the character. if you want it to be realistic, have a ground, better posing 3d clothing, clothing folds, and hair intereacts with the beanie or something like that.
and make it look like real renders, they do not currently. and the people aren’t even properly holding the light saber! and have a good rendered background, and for the first one you need way better lighting, thats not real at all! and the background you used was a background image of a FLOOR!

and use image manipulation to alter the lighting or change it in blender.


pls dont take me as too harsh thx u ik u are only a beginner but im saying how u can improve

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wow, you went the extra mile to rate it out of 10

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Is that necessarily bad to do?

I’m not saying the GFX is bad, by the way.

No, its not bad or good, usually it only happens when someone asks, in this case he didnt, but its still fine

I think these look great but the background are ehhhh and the third one it doesn’t fit at all. But the GFX itself looks great :+1:

The shadows are a little weird and you could try and fix your rendering along with the backgrounds