Feedback on my GFX

I was ask my friend for a roblox youtuber so he said “how about tanqr”. So i decide to make this gfx for practicing. Feel free to send feedback i would love to see your feedback and criticism! :happy2:


That looks amazing my add a lightning bolt come out of the sword for a effect but other then that looks great.

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It’s pretty good. I would consider adding some photoshop like giving the player/sword some effects. I would also add a background, making a dark room or something like that.

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posing makes it look like he’s running or something? but weirdly. the sword holding is good, but he doesn’t seem to be looking at camera. the leg posing is just off, like the top of leg and all, and the background and lighting doesn’t immerse the character

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His legs look kinda odd, But other than that I’d recommend using a Lightroom to better control the lighting of your scene and maybe add some extra special effects for the character and sword.

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Water mark and the background is little uneven and not suitable as the lighting on the character is casting is blue and in a 134 degrees angle

Looks Very cool
Are you making gfx on blender?

The render looks a bit weird, mostly the legs and face that look very odd, and the lightining looks too bumpy. I would try to add a more realistic lightining and try making renders more fitting for what you’re looking for. I can’t personally tell if the guy is running or he is just crouching. Not bad at all :smiley: !

It is Blender. I think it might be Eevee rendering in Blender.