Feedback on my GFX

Feedback on my recent GFX? Any feedback appreciated/What should I add or remove? (Not fully finished)

It’s ok…

  1. There’s no lighting
  2. It almost looks transparent

Sorry for the harshness but you should improve upon these. Good luck!


I feel like you should remove the black outline, add a head to the character cause it seems as if the letter is floating, and add a really cool background eg: a garden background would looks good. It can turn into a great artwork it just needs some adjustments :+1:


The GFX isn’t bad but I recommend removing the black-outline as it kinda doesn’t look well in most character GFXs. Over-all, this isn’t a bad GFX, it just needs some improvements.

the backgrounds a watermark but thanks

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Should work on improving the lighting and the pose, it’s a little too dark and her left hand is at a really weird angle in front of her while her right hand is just in the natural standing state.