Feedback on my GFX

Feedback on my GFX
I haven’t been working on GFX for more than 2 years, I started my GFX rant around 2 days ago and made some designs that I’m not very confident about and want to improve. Constructive criticism is what I prefer.

I suspect Blender isn’t rendering some of the light properly as you can see random pixels (this happens when I add a source of light). I have tried different rendering cycles, yet didn’t improve, there I just deleted the lighting completely and only relied on ambient occlusion. I have tried to increase resolution drastically, change backdrops, delete the light source, literally everything I could think of. I tried diagnosing the problem with my good friend YouTube and Google but nothing relevant showed up. I am wondering if it would help if I changed the type of rendering cycle (I’m currently using cycle render) but not sure if it would help the lighting.

(you can see the weird lighting around the thin pipe)

(weird lighting around the glass)


Pretty good! Well done! :blush:

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Nice GFXs, I love the detail and scenes!

I think the reason your lighting may seem weird is probably not because of the lighting itself, but the noise not being denoised properly by your engine. In each GFX there is a significant amount of noise (the static pixely effect) so I would suggest searching on how to denoise your renders in Blender.

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Nice! Your GFX’S look amazing!:wink:

Nice, i would rate this 8/10

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Looks nice! Only thing I would suggest is enabling denoise in the render menu in render properties. And increase minimum samples too if you aren’t worried too much about time.

i really like them

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I’m pretty sure I use Eevee, I used to use Cycles but Eevee has made mine look so much better than before. I also noticed the odd looking texture on the window frame in one of them, I have that same issue also where those marks appear on things, I don’t actually know why it happens but I do know that going into the nodes and deleting 1 of the 2 texture nodes seems to fix it LOL. Anyway Other than that I love your GFX’s, you did a great job!!