Feedback on my GFX

About Me

Hi there! I’m a starting GFX Designer and I want to get feedback for my early work!


I updated these GFX to the “fixed” ones.

Availability and Payment

I am currently not selling my GFX I just want some feedback after doing these for a few days.
Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Hello! As a starting GFX designer I must say you are doing a pretty good job at it! The first GFX you have showcased looks remarkable, But I do think the sun ray on top (orange/red one) doesn’t quite fit in so good, If you can change it like the other ray (white/gray) it would fit in more. That is just my opinion though. The star wars GFX looks pretty good too, The lighting fits perfect with it. There isn’t much more for me to say on that. And the last one is a pretty good group logo, it is just a bit basic. I hope I’ve helped you out, and continue doing GFX because I can tell you will be amazing at it! :rocket: :smiley:


Thanks for the positive feedback! I’ll try to change that sun ray since I don’t have anything else to do either. :joy:



I couldn’t change the color of the flare so I decided to change it completely.


I love it, I think it looks even better now, good work on it! :happy2:


They look very good from just a few days of knowledge on GFX design. Keep up the good work!


Theres are very well done, But the lining around the saber looks a little bit odd, other than that fantastic!

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Yeah I agree with that now looking at it later.


Do you think this one looks better with the sparks and a smaller blur?

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Yes, although that is a small change to the image it adds more detail.

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Yes! That looks much better, you can tell much more effort was put into it.

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Just added the new overseer GFX! :skull:

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