Feedback on my GFX!

Okay guys, I have finally gotten blender and been able to make gfx/ render/ thumbnail, whatever you wanna call it.
This is my first ever - blender made, GFX…

So, what do you guys think, I know the hat is a little badly edited on there but I think it still looks pretty good?

tusk, act 4!


Well the white background is empty the tree’s don’t look great either the hat also looks like it was quickly photo shopped on.

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Thanks, I used a pre-made background that I downloaded, so not really much to say about the trees and the sky, I guess I’ll make my own or find a better one. Also yes, I quickly added the hat because I was excited to post this. Once again, thanks for your constructive criticism.

Decent for your first GFX. However, there are some things you can improve on:

As you said, the hat is edited on. The edge of the hat also spills onto the arm when it looks like it should be hidden behind it, and there are little to no shadows either. You should try to import everything you need in your scene into Blender, otherwise it’s difficult to add other objects like hats or accessories post-rendering if you aren’t very skilled at image editing.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 6.52.40 PM

Perhaps a posing error, but the edge of the torso is also showing through the leg, which looks a little odd.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 6.55.07 PM

The bit of sunset you can see looks quite nice, but the rest of the sky is blank, which you want to avoid. I believe you’re using a HDRI, so try rotating the character and the scene until you get a background in which the blank area is filled.
There also is foliage in the background but none in the foreground, which is a bit confusing. Try playing around with textures or grass in your scene to spice it up a bit.

Keep practicing! There are plenty of skills to learn that will improve your GFX.

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Thank you, I would’ve imported the hat in blender but couldn’t find a 3d model of it… seems i have to make my own :roll_eyes: Anyways, yes that was a posing error and yes, I used a HDRI, I will keep the rotating suggestion in mind!

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The lighting is really plain. If that was rendered in eevee, then you should make sure to enable some render effects. Especially ambient occlusion. I see that you’re using an HDRI, but I also suggest you add a sun lamp as well to get some more focused, directional lighting to create some sharp shadows.

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There’s a lot more you could do with that bare background.
Adding some trees or nature would make this 110%!

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I’m working on a new one, learning how to use sun lamps, so that may be posted tomorrow or today, sometime soon. But I hope it turns out better since I will be making it all myself (no HDRI), but that obviously makes me available for lighting screw ups…

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